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Microstock for the most part of people is a hobby. Or even a way to show some of their photographic work on the net, and additionally having some income from it. Can imagine that to have a permanent flow of earnings ,”you” need to set up a very efficient model , of producing images. And at the same time to contribute with the right pictures(the most in demand). What I would like to know is if there is anyone out there doing a living from microstock?

Photo credits: Jeroen Van Den Broek.

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March 04, 2010


10000 images is a beautiful number. Step by step. That is a great goal.

February 28, 2010


No I never been in Goa or India. But one of those days would like to go there. Seems to be a fantastic place for pictures! Also very interesting architecture,and culture

February 26, 2010


Yeah there are many who do make a living out of microstock, but dont consider only microstock, once you improve your skills, you can apply for small press photography, than take it further step by step. Well I guess there are millions who live on photography. Microstock can be a bonus. Another Portuguese, Mani, you have another mate for a beer sometimes,,,, By the way you visited Goa, in India????

February 26, 2010


Yes a lots of discipline and hard work. Yes in fact I'm from Portugal.Thanks for your comments.Cheers! Até logo!

February 25, 2010


Sure there are ... But it takes time , and a hard work to build a huge portfolio. You can start it as a hobby then improve your skills step by step. I am retired and I aim to have 10.000 images at least in the future. ( now I have 177 and only 20 sales )

I recommend you to look what others do. It is not a secret. All you need is to learn, create and improve your skills as all we try to do.

February 25, 2010


Yes there are a few, but like you said have created a big brand for themself, of course big studios and a lot of work, producing high and quality pictures every month, got assistents and so on...! You can check Yuri Arcurs, Andres Rodriguez, monkeybusiness, etc..! Of course producing that same pictures have a lot of competition, like I say a lot, we need to find niches, but it ain't easy when almost every has been done.. are you from Portugal? cheers!

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