Making money on Dreamstime

Making money

For a lot of newcomers, there is the question nagging in their minds about how much money you could possibly make.

It must be the analyst in me, because I hear lots of stories, but simply do not believe them. So for the past few years I have been keeping a track of around 1000 photographers on Dreamstime, recording their monthly sales, and getting information back from lots of people about the return per image they make.

Now let me just say, this is an inexact science, because few people will actually tell you how much they make. And, this is based on the fact that it is rare for you to get an EL sale.

Expensive Photography

And, to add a measure of difficulty, it seems you really cannot use this theory unless you have been on the site for at least 12 months, and have at least 100 images in your portfolio.

But here it is. On average (based on my figures) you will make 17 cents per image you have online per month.

DISCLAIMER: And a big one at that. If you are fussy, and do not load series after series as many of the bigger portfolio owners do, you will make much much more.

But this is based on the little information I can get.

Photo credits: Chernetskaya, Craig Foster.
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August 05, 2008

I guess you are right Jacetan. Check out my blog for further information.
But it is a safe and reliable supplement to a photographer's income. And it is very simple.


August 05, 2008

Thanks for writing this article. I ponder as well. I read the articles of the regular contributors of stock images but somehow i am skeptical.

Who is actually benefiting from this? The client? The Host company or the Photographers.

I guess i cant make a full time living, just by shooting stock photos...


August 04, 2008

I am thinking keywords Fouroaks. You have great photos. If you read my blog there are some tips.



August 04, 2008

My return is about 7 cents per image online per month. What am I doing wrong? IS IT MY KEYWORDS OR IS IT MY PHOTOS?


August 04, 2008

haha I whis I made that
english is not my first language so most of the time I stucked to the every day used keywords