Making the most of my holiday

Newquay Cornwall England

So having taken a week off work,to take my family down to Cornwall, England, i made sure that it was not just holiday snaps i took. Although the weather was not fantastic and we could not get to see everything i had planned the days out we had i made sure i took photos of anything that caught my eye. However i do have one little piece of advice for people.

Because i knew i would be taking a lot of photos, i decide to buy a couple of extra memory cards off the well known internet trading site, picking them up quite cheap i was very happy, and then i used them only to loose a lot of the shots i had taken, so always remember buyer beware.

Photo credits: Darren Westwood.
Darren westwood
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July 14, 2017

I suppose it's a lesson learned but I doubt you're the first one to be caught out and probably not the last.