making a name for yourself ( with a tip of the hat to ladykassie)

well alice, i just finished reading your latest blog. and you made me think ,as you usually do, and this blog is the result.

do you ever think about the names of companies? do you ever wonder how they chose their name, giving themselves that identity?

when we chose our user name we set an identity on ourselves, a label, a title. sometimes it is just that we have tried so many and found they were already taken and give up, choosing something silly.

some choose their own given name, a combination of names or initials to define who they are. some define it by their chosen medium such as photographer,illustrator,graphic artist, etc.

if you chose to do other artistic work outside of the micro stock world do you keep your same i.d. for those ventures? or do you become someone else that is not connected to your work here?

when i first began my micro stock journey i took on my ebay i.d. since my paypal accounts were tied to it. then i decided i wanted my own name to be known and attached to my work. i did not want to be unknown in connection to images sold under a generic name. so began my quest for a name as an artist.

i think i have finally arrived at my destination as i have decided on a name, logo and begun to market myself in my region. i chose to use my name but gave myself a profession to go with it.

denise beverly visual arts , or db visual arts in some cases, due to the length of the name has become who i am in the artistic realm. i am not solely photographer nor solely illustrator. according to the old stand by in our house, wikipedia , photography and computer arts both fall under the category of visual arts.

at some point i may even chose between having my whole name or just my initials. but, either way i feel i have settled into who i want to be known as in the artistic world. a visual artist in the hills and mountains of east tennessee fits me just fine.

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August 13, 2007


I agree, and had just been thinking that I wanted to use my real name and not the user name I chose for yahoo years ago ! How did you go about changing your name here ?
Thanks, Jennifer

July 28, 2007


I think I am going to make my name ##$%@ (or the artist formerly known as photojay) Great blog. Sometimes your deep thinking makes me think. It doesn't last long though...I think I have....uh...what was I just talking about??? lol.

July 28, 2007


Finding out who you are and then putting a name to it..

Excellent Denise!

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