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Hooray!!!I finally had an image accepted in the assignment challenge!

The beautiful young lady pictured here is my niece. She needed a photo for an upcoming school pageant so we found a great spot outside in the nearby mountains and began our photo shoot.

It was a lot of fun and we both got something out of it. She got a ton of great photos she can use for the pageant and I was able to add several photos to my dreamstime portfolio and, most exciting of all, I was able to have a photo elevated to level five when it was accepted to the current assignment.

As a photographer you will frequently be asked by friends and family to take photos of them because they know you will do a great job. Just don't be afraid to make the shoot work for you as well: 1)bring a model release form with you and get them to fill it out right away; 2) suggest that they wear clothing that dosen't have any logos, otherwise you will have to remove them later in photoshop; 3) take photos that you know fit dreamstime's strict framing and depth of field standards; and 4) shoot a varitey of images with different backgrounds, lighting, and mood. And, most importantly, have fun!

Photo credits: Aviahuismanphotography.

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January 12, 2012



December 15, 2011


Thank you!!! :-)

December 14, 2011


Congratulations !

December 13, 2011



December 13, 2011


Congratulations, good luck with the assignment challenge.

December 13, 2011



December 13, 2011


The beauty of photography is that entertainment is not to be excluded, some really nice pictures and an interesting blog!

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