Making photos of birds with limited resources and knowledge

There are price winning bird photographers here at DT with real masterpiece pics.

One of my favorite is:

But how to make photos of birds when you neither have the equipment (an extra big zoom or tele) nor the knowledge?

The answer is quite simple: Start with the big birds!

My biggest one is:

© Jdanne

By the way: This pic is the joke part of my blog ... (:-

Lets look to real birds:

© Jdanne

For that ostrich portrait I used my 50mm glas with an additional closeup lens nearly breaking the boundary fence when I bend forward to get closer. Fortunately the farmer didn't see me.

The next criteria is: Pure luck!

I had this luck on a boat trip near Istanbul, Turkey. Some seagulls were flying around the ship. With my left eye I looked through my camera, with my right eye I looked over the camera with just one thought: Get closer, got closer!

And three of them got close enough for my 50mm lens. There was only a short fraction of time

to make this photo:

© Jdanne

Of course, this is only a starting point. Hopefully I will become more professional with bird photos.

Photo credits: Neal Cooper, Jdanne.



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June 06, 2010


Nice shots.

June 04, 2010


Nice shots. I'm sure you'll have more professionally taken bird shots!!

June 03, 2010


Those photos looks great,i wish you many sales:)

June 03, 2010


Well done! Your photos look great! I like both: The "ostrich portrait" and the "three seagulls".

June 03, 2010


Good catch for animal shots in the wild has one main factor! Patience! Some photographers could spend weeks to shoot an eagle catching his victim or get a close up for his family! Of course the right equipment is a must! Good luck with your start! :)

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