making this picture sell

I took this shot of lettuce while rinsing in water,

then I desaturated everything except for the lettuce that I saturated using photoshop to add further impact and contrast.

Is there weak demand for such a picture, or should I add more vegetable rinsing in water to complement such a pic?

I appreciate your comments

Photo credits: Ghassan Safi.

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April 28, 2010


I think its too deep down in the tray.
Maybe if you lift it up (so that the light will penetrate to the sides also) and then click from the top.

March 25, 2010


Yes ah. From different angles. There may be unexpected results. A very good picture, refueling.

March 25, 2010


I advise you to do as many shots as you can if they get accepted, then leave the sales for you to see later ;)

March 25, 2010


It's too early to know... Give it some time

March 25, 2010


wait and you will sell it sooner or later

March 25, 2010


its a good picture but maybe you can try to get it from a different perspective. Usually when am cleaning my veggies i don't soak them in the sink. Maybe you can have someone hold the lettuce while water runs down from the faucet. Good luck!!

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