Making the most of your mobile device

Almost all mobile devices like phones and tablets are equipped with a camera in them. Modern devices are capable of very good images, and best of all, you will almost always have your phone with you.

However, mobile devices can be more sensitive to the conditions around you than big cameras with large sensors and better optics. Here are a couple of tips that might help you take better photos with your device.

First, before you even think about taking a photo, take a look at the camera app settings. Unless you are running out of memory, set the image quality to the maximum. JPG compression is lossy, and heavier compression causes artifacts in your image. Next generation of mobile phones will most likely have the option to shoot in RAW, but high quality JPG is fine for now.

Check also the other options in your camera app like manual exposure control, and ISO settings. Try them out, lower ISO means less noise in your final image. Auto ISO is also fine if you have good lighting conditions. Try not to use too many artistic filters in your photos, at least when shooting. You can always apply a filter later if you want.

When shooting, keep in mind that same “rules” in photography apply, no matter what your image capture device is. Think about the composition of your image. Try to make your subject stand out. Make sure the subject is well lit. Avoid using flash in closeups, it will create harsh shadows around the subject.

Focus on your subject. To avoid out of focus images, hold the device firmly in your hand and keep it steady when you take the photo. If your mobile device has option to set the shutter to a physical button like volume button, or if it has a separate camera button, make use of it. Hold the phone with both hands if you can.

Now that you have some good images, use the Dreamstime (Android) (Apple) mobile companion to upload your photos to Dreamstime. Make up a title, write a good description on your image, supply a few good keywords and attach a model release if needed.

Most of all, have fun taking your photos!


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January 29, 2015


thank you for sharing! keep it up

January 11, 2015


A good blog and beautiful images!
I want do better in 2015 but I find can't write blog and uploading and editing. Till today, I have 1452 images online and 136 sales altogether. Among of it, I have finished 4 assignments and one picture was Editors' choiced.But since last November, I don't know what' the matter, the uploading and edit picture was too difficulty! Some pictures uploaded can't be sent in pending and new picture can't be uploaded. All this is really let me afflictive.

January 03, 2015


Thanx for all advice. Very useful. Great pictures!

December 28, 2014


Nicely written blog - you've got me looking forward to to trying out the app!

December 18, 2014


Thanks Juha for the info, dreamstime mobile companion could be a great app on the go ;)

December 08, 2014


Great blog Juha!

December 07, 2014


Very nice blog post! You have provided some excellent tips for improving the quality of images captured on a phone.

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