Making use of....

..these slides and film.

I have literally hundreds of slides and film shoot back in the film days. I shoot with F100 Nikon film camera. Some of my favorite slides films are RHP-III aka Fuji Provia 100F, Kodak 100 VS, and ofcourse never forget the legendary slide film due to it's saturation the RVP-50 aka Fuji chrome velvia....i missed those days, where you have to wait for hours or sometimes days before you can see the result of your photo adventure.

Photo credits: Helgidinson.

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December 06, 2013


What about the cost of film and developing!! I was lucky I had a friend that worked at a lab...and manual focus?? Nah, I like it a lot better now!

December 06, 2013


Also I used the slides and the darkroom to print in black and white, you have realized the wonderful images that evoke a little of nostalgia!

December 05, 2013


I miss those days too. It was harder to be a photographer.

December 04, 2013


ur right no chance to change film speed in the middle of a roll, unless you want to push process. Never got any bad experience back then on developing company. The only thing is that the waiting kills me...anxious the whole day..excited what the outcome of the photo shoot you had days ago..only to find did not get what you want in the picture....those were the days.

December 04, 2013


It was hateful.......... no chance to change film speed when light changed, retail chemist developing and ruining film with scratches, dust etc, pay for developing useless shots ...... it was truly terrible, expensive and not much to show for it.


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