Making the world a better place.......

A few weeks ago my wife (also creative mind behind Hakimata Photography) came with a great idea.

The idea was to do a photo shoot that will promote a better environment, especially because at present times the world is more focused on being greener/environmentally friendlier.

Since the majority of this world use many light bulbs, the idea is simple. We all should at least switch to 'compact fluorescent bulbs'. Not only are they environmentally friendlier, but they also save you much money. What are we waiting for? Let's make this world a better place....

Photo credits: Paul Hakimata.

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August 15, 2007


That will for sure make a difference. Just use lights where you need them. Anyway, changing them into fluorescent bulbs makes even a better chance, as well as that these bulbs have a longer life span.

August 15, 2007


One thing I do, since I'm sensitive to light anyway, is only turn lights on in a room when necessary, and as necessary. If I'm reading a book on the couch, I don't need all of the lamps on throughout the entire room. If I"m sitting in the living room, I don't need to leave the lights on in the kitchen. Etc. Some people think that making such simple changes won't do much, but when everyone makes a small change, the effects on the environment are drastic.

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