Making Your Portfolio Site More Accessible

SEO 101: Accessibility

Accessibility and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand. If you make your site highly accessible, you can be fairly certain that your content is optimized for search engines. In fact, it often helps to think of search engines as people visiting your site with a screen reader.

While there are guidelines for website accessibility, the most important elements of accessibility and SEO are as follows:

* Provide alternative text for images

* Provide text descriptions for video and Flash content (or better yet, don’t use Flash at all!)

* Provide relevant page titles

* Don’t make any of your content rely on JavaScript

Provide Alternative Text for Images

Search engines, just like blind users, can only consume content on your site that is readable in some way. This means that an image doesn’t provide any meaning to them so it is essential that you provide some alternative text that describes what is happening in the image. This is actually quite simple; it only requires one additional attribute to an image element.

These alt attributes can be filled with keywords and relevant content that can have a huge impact on your SEO, depending on how often you use images on your site.

Video, Flash, and Accessibility

Just as with images, search engines are unable to determine the contents of a video file because there is no text for them to index. In order to receive any SEO benefits from your video content, you need to provide a text alternative to allow search engines and people using screen readers to understand what that piece of content is about. As you can see, if you keep handicapped users in mind when creating your content, you will improve your SEO as well.

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Photo credits: Roman Milert.

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