a male dominated domain?

earlier this morning i was answering a question put forward by a peer

who was wondering why only the "sexy pictures seem to sell ". the poster wondered is it because "designers are mostly males".

i thought that was an interesting topic and a rather funny observation. the reaction of the observer being quite justified.

well, i replied to the question and i thought this would be ideal for my new blog today over here:

are fashion designers mostly males?

historically the most famous ones seem to give the impression that they are all male ie Yves St Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren,etc.. browsing through a popular teen magazine listing their choices of top designers, 6 of 10 voted were male, or was it 7 of 10. oh never mind the rhetoics, you get my point !

on the personal front, when i was based in montreal, QC, canada, i attended the annual mode festival, and was impressed by the design of a certain young designer. she , yes she, is from Quebec City.

more recently, last summer while going boutique to boutique along halifax downtown to promote myself as a new arrival photographer to my new home-city, i discovered that a line of clothes that i find very stylish, are actually the work of yet another young canadian designer based here in halifax, NS, canada.

female? personally appealingly obviously... yes !

summing, i would say that the majority APPEARS to be male, but only because the males tend to make the most noise, and by design AND HUMAN NATURE, the male are more flamboyant and louder to get their designs noticed. they make more noise and gain more attention .

much like the hen and the rooster? :)

don't you agree ?

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I believe the fashion designer phenomenon is similar to chefs and hairdressers. You rarely hear of a famous female chef, but are raised with "mom's great homecooking."

However, I'm not sure there's a majority of male graphic designers. I tend to meet more female graphic designers.


I don't really think most designers are male, infact I think the oposit. For instance my company has a "creative agency like" department, and creative designers there are 80% or 90% female. Now, what strikes me is that "sexy" relates much more to pics of women and, as final creativity consumers, both men and women pay more attention to women. I don't doubt women and men are thinking of different things when looking at sexy pictures portraing women, but they both look and "consume" the image.


I very much doubt the first assumption in this post: that sexy pix sell. They are looked at a lot but usually have a bad view/sales ratio.


Well, It wasn´t long ago women were allowed to vote on this planet. So it´s no shock males are dominating even in designing. I would guess there are more women attempting design-business than men, but as you mentioned earlier. Males makes more noise:)


True even I don't like these skinny girls,


Yes, men in fashion are mostly gay, but it's not important. What I really don't like about fashion is promoting of girls who look like they were in concentration camp....


awesome thx caspixel and creativei for your comments.
btw creativei, i don't think that saying you met "lots of designers who are gay" would be considered a rude remark. it's simply letting us know .


Hmmm. Though aren't a lot of gay men in fashion design? Would they be inclined to look at the sexy pictures of women? :)


Well not exactly, I don't think men are better designer than women, or superior, vice verse. yeah might be men make more noise to get noticed, this I agree, personally even I do little bit of noise to get noticed.

Sorry if I'm rude but I have encountered lots of fashion designers who are gays.

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