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I've always been fascinated by Malta's history - our tiny island is fortified by bastions protecting it's cities from quite a few events that gave this island such a grand history. Many people around the world have never heard of Malta. I've been around and when asked where I come from - it's a miracle if any one has ever heard of Malta - the tiny island just below Sicily - funnily enough - although we do have rubbish roads and very hot summers and no white sandy beaches (but amazing Mediterranean deep sea!) - we are part of the European Union, we do have a culture that could impress any Joe Blog and we have an impressive history!
© Keki

one look at any site - researching Malta will take you into a roller coaster of adventures that Malta went through. from the knights of St. John, to the World War II in which Malta played an important role owing to its proximity to Axis shipping lanes. something to be super proud of!!

a tiny island - but so so rich!! :)

Photo credits: Cecilia Lim, Keki, Sandy Matzen.

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Keki, 15 years ago I spent ten days vacation on Malta. Unforgetable! Whole history is collected there. And more... underworld of Mdina, Golden Beach , cliffs on the south, disco club Stix, old buses, tuned oldtimers... I hope I will live enough to get back there at least once. I simply love it


thanks for your comments! you should visit sometime :))


I've always thought that Malta and the surrounding areas would be the perfect place to go on holiday. I love rocky beaches, old buildings and the feeling of history that you get when exploring them. Now all I have to do is win the lottery! Great images :0)


Very nice images! Love those historical buildings.

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