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haappy chinese new year to you all ! I was wodering if any one who could tell me how to us managed collection function on DT?



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February 10, 2011


thank you very much,Trottola [imgl]17131335[/imgl][imgr]17345440[/imgr]

February 08, 2011


You cN lso begin with a lightbox, adding all pictures you need and then convert it in a collection. At any time you can add a new picture; you view it and from the tools menu you choose add at the "xxx" collection. Good work! ;)

February 08, 2011


thanks a lot , Rozenn Leard

February 08, 2011


On the Tab Resources, select Collections.
Click on Start New Collection
Paste ID of your first selected image
Give a title to your collection as well as a description and at least 20 keywords.
Keep adding new pictures. For your collection to be open to everyone, it must include photos of at least 5 contributors, including you.
Good luck!

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