Managing files for submission

How do you manage your files for submission?

I have created a folder called DT & then sub folders:

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Accepted (I love this folder)

Rejected (much fuller than I would like)


Every time I submit an image I load it into the pending folder.

Then after review, I either moves from pending into accepted, rejected or resubmit.

I find this works well, so long as I am conscientious about it. It means I know where I am, at any point in time. It also means I am not submitted images that were previously rejected and wasting reviewers time.

I think a Work in progress folder may also be on the horizon for me. I have a few images that I would like to play around with so it seems like a good idea to save them all in one place for a rainy day.

Photo credits: Yifang Zhao.

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In my opinion managing files using folders isn't really a good idea. It's great when you work with only one microstock site. Bun when you work with multiple sites it will took too much disk space. Try using virtual folders, there are a lot of software on the market that allows you to organize your photos.
As for me, I'm using Adobe Lightroom.


I do exactly the same.


I do the same but I also rename the files by the number that DT has attributed then the description, so I can keep them organized by date of upload not the date of creation and to avoid going back to the e-mails in the case of the rejected ones!
Might be an extra work but I'm managing till now!



That's actually exactly the format I have used to organize mine!!! But lately I have not been as good about keeping track of it. Lately, I have just been backing up the accepted photos to a folder on Picasa Web to make sure I have a backup in case I lose those accepted files.


this sounds like a good way to keep track. It would be good to keep those files in an external hard drive so you do not bog down your computer.some of these photo files take up a lot of room.

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