Mansi & Me

Mansi she is my daughter 4 years old.You will find her lot of images in my portfolio because I really love her expressive face. She has got very beautiful eyes & charming face.

I am writing this blog because she is the person because of which my interest in photography has been developed. If before 3-4 years you asked me about anything about photography I may have not able to tell the basics (Even today I am trying to lean those.. ). I didn't like the film cameras. I recall my college days when once on a trip the camera was out of photos because of loose insertion of film role in camera.The only thing was I was having interest in drawing in my school days & I have successfully completed some good drawing courses in childhood.

I bought my fist digital camera Nikon 4200 only for taking images of my 6 months old girl. I was really impressed about the digital convenience & the quality of images.I was very much familiar with computer so very soon I became used to the digicam. Meanwhile I came across some online photo competition site (I don't know should I mention site name or not ) & very soon I realize the manual setting limitation of my camera.

After around 18 months I switched to SONY DSC-H2. I really loved it's optical zoom (12X,6M) & manual features. I read many online articles & try to experiment with all manual features.In this process my photo library was growing with different subject. Mansi's images were somewhat in less quantity.

I came across some stock site like dreamstime & other. I was enjoying to upload my images to such sites. Then I came to know the noise,artifacts etc. You all know this very well. I changed my gear to canon 400D in April's of 2008. This was my first SLR camera & it opened a new door to quality photography. I realized the difference between the compact & SLR camera.After that I was only enjoying the photography & stop loading images to stock sites.Honestly I was thinking about becoming exlusive with some top seller stock site but I don't know what forced to me do more work with dreamstime. I always like the design of this site.Again I turned for taking images of my beautiful daughter. From some days I started uploading images & really impressed by the acceptance ratio. All credit goes to my SLR camera.

Well shooting with children is not an easy task. You have to respect their mood & emotions.One has to become their good friend. Some times you have to offer some small gifts. You have to be quick because you really don't know when the moment is coming. Children tend to change the facial expression very fast.Different setups develop interest of children for giving various poses in photo shoot. They enjoy it & take it as a fun.There are times when I became angry on her & very soon realized my mistake. I realized that it's very difficult to execute good shots with planning & I got very nice shot just with playing with her.

I will be always thankful to her for arising my interest in photography even though unknowingly.See her collection at: Mansi I know this article is too personal but hope you will like it. Don't forget to leave your comments because it really helps.

Best Regards,Enjoy photo shooting with your kids :)

Love you all!


Photo credits: , Indianeye.

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September 03, 2010


She is beautiful and you capture her so well.

November 18, 2009


Cool stuff, dude. I am inspired.

February 20, 2009


She is certainly very precious, Nilesh, and definitely a good reason for your interest in photography. God bless her!

January 06, 2009


Really cute kid, even if its personal, I enjoyed reading it.

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