Manual focusing - increases purely accepted works!

Nine arguments in favor of manual focusing:

1. Macro

Doing macro-shooting lens it is usually located very close to subject. And consequently the auto-focus mechanism can precisely find out not always that place which is important for you in macro-shooting. And depth of sharpness sometimes so is small that can to be displaced from simple trembling of hands.

2. Movement

I think, not one even the modern ultrasonic auto- focusing motor can't compete to you if it is question of shootings of races especially when cars are carried by by you with a speed more than 200 km/h

3. Old lenses

Once a choice variant between automatic and manual focus wasn't in general. If you want to use some of fine old lenses, you can find out that they don't have automatic ability of focusing or that they aren't compatible to your system of auto-focus.

4. Weak illumination

For an auto-focus sensor control – weak illumination serious enough test. Even to fast lenses with big светосилой can have hardly in a dark room as for example in church or a cave.

5. Washing out

By means of manual focusing you have art control of a picture, and by means of it to create special effects размытости. By means of auto-focus such it is often impossible to execute.

6. Giperfokal

Probably all asked a question how to shoot such picture of the nature where accurate rocks on near front, and an accurate water smooth surface in the distance are visible also.

7. Shooting of fireworks and the star sky

For shootings of the sky and fireworks – the main thing that it is necessary to make, establish the chamber in a manual mode and to concentrate on infinity. It is truth! Look many training courses – speak about the same!

8. Shooting with conducting

If you know a route of your object, you can establish the focus center in position through which will take place object. Actually when the object to appear in the center of your focus, you should accompany it turning the chamber behind it, during this moment and to do a picture. The dynamical photo as a result should turn out.

9. Lens Babies

Lensbabies (ссылко) are created more for an entertainment. They give good effect of the small center of focusing. Lensbabies do it in the presence of flexible fastening which allows a lens to bend every which way.

Earlier I so suffered with an auto focus... Now victory!

© Lobe
© Lobe

Photo credits: Lobe.

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September 12, 2011


Peanutroaster, yes, manual focus -- is more control.

September 12, 2011



I recently found myself in the situation - at a country fair, auto focus failed to work in a dimly lit barn while trying to take close ups of expressive chickens. Manual focus allow for some very sharp images.

September 01, 2011


there are many moments I switch the autofocus off -for example for my macros or landscape at night etc. but in most of the other cases I think autofocus is a blessing - if that wouldn't be the case no sports or nature photograph would bother investing in better and quicker equipment - cameras actually also calculate where the object will be in so and so many milliseconds - so while you do your one lucky shot, the camera has done in the meantime 10 of them :) --- the only problem are lenses which have no real manual focus ring and feel like raw eggs when using the manual - I have that a bit with my 1.8/50 - but my Tamron macro is manual a dream - but not always when using the autofocus - but in both cases I'm happy with the compromise because both have their range of usage anyway

August 31, 2011


Great blog, thanks for sharing.

August 31, 2011


When doing studio stockphotography I'm always using manual focus. I agree also for movement manual is better but it isn't easy to guess were the object will pass

August 31, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

August 31, 2011


Thank you very much!

August 31, 2011


Thanks for the info! Good luck and good day!

August 31, 2011


Yes, manual focusing has very much facilitated to me shooting. I hope these recommendations still to whom нибудь to be useful here from our photos - of friends.

August 31, 2011


Useful tips! Thank you!

August 31, 2011


Thanks, I am very glad that it was pleasant to you.

August 31, 2011


Thanks for the tips snamfoto,nice work.

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