Many visits..any sales!

Some picture have lot of visits in little time but any sale, why?

What do you thing thought of it, thanks.

Photo credits: Saraizzo.

Your article must be written in English



I guess that is really common for many images to receive many visits but no sales... I wish that visits could give some $$$ too.


Yes, I do notice that many interesting pictures get lots of views but very little if any sales. It could be a nice pictures attract viewers enjoy looking, but not necessary a buyer. Or perharps your keywords may not be relevant.
But more importantly, put yourself in the place of a buyer and ask yourself,
how sellable is this concept? What would I use it for?

Just my opinion. I hope it helps.


Exactly the same story for me also. An important number of views, but no sales.

I hope this situation don't affect the sales in the future, because, perhaps the buyers are thinking that if a image have to many views and no download, perhaps it is not so good

What is your opinion?


have a good luck for you!


o ,the same to you ,i thank Just upload images...........

have a good look for you!


same here


I have the saame question and asked DT.
They told me should be patient.
Just upload images...........


Nowadays sales droped dramatically


I fully agree with you...similar story here!!!


thanks Meryll!!Ciao! :-)


Look at this thread:


Thanks Igor for your comment. Unfortunately from me the eclipse of moon has been a little visible!! :-(


I think that one can not evaluate some kind of images when they are of small size. So, on goes to the image page and launch "comp. image" option. So, image gets at least 2 view counts. Also some images are displayed at the DT main page (member choise, e.g.) which also leads to large number for "view". Also some images are of common kind and look like many other pictures. So, one needs to view them in a good resolution to choose exactly what one needs. Etc., etc., etc., ...

I never care about number of views. Surely, nb. of sales depends on nb. of views somehow but relation between these 2 numbers is not too obvious. Some my images have 10 views but 4 sales. At the same time some have 80 views and 0 sales.

So, do not worry about that. Just take nice pictures and upload them. :-)

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