Marathon - An opportunity to practice and submit?


this upcoming Sunday there will be a marathon in my city and I think this is a great opportunity to practice some photography skills plus the images might qualify for the editorial section.

What do you think? Any ideas, advice?

I'm looking forward to read your thoughts:)

Greetings form Germany


Photo credits: Michael Krause.

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October 22, 2011


I just finished running a Half Marathon (not that I'm bragging, alright maybe just a little) and what I've found is there will be just a MASS of people, both runners as well as spectators - most of whom will have cameras. Remember, all the pic you take will be Editorial - so don't focus on "standard" shots of runner coming straight at you (unless you are just using it to practice techniques) - instead look for the "creative" angles - ie one runner assisting another, the inevitable pile up, someone struggling to overcome adversity, etc. You should have lots of opportunity to capture some truly human moments in the race. Don't just hang out at the finish line. There will be interesting spots along the race - water stops, first aid stations, half way kites, look for icon views of your city and capture the mass of runners passing by, etc Good luck and have fun!

October 22, 2011


I think you're right, it should be plenty of time and since there are different length of marathons running into the same final gate, I will have several attempts shooting the winner.
I will do my best!

October 21, 2011


Wish you a very good weather .

October 21, 2011


In any race you have plenty time to try all kind of shoots, adjusting the speed and aperture in the camera, and also you can try shoots from different views like from ground level or high above stretching your arms. Good luck, have a nice time shooting.

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