march 2009- march 2010

Hi to everybody

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In march 2009

I sold my first image on dreamstime

© Card76

After one year, yesterday I sold my 200th picture!

Sure, one year ago, when I started my adventure with Dreamstime I thought to sell more images and to earn more money... but I thought olso that every image could be uploaded and could be sold... Everybody told me I was a good photographer, my shoots beautiful and that I should try to sell my pictures, so I tried...

But I didn't keep in mind the commercial value of each single photo.

Dreamstime (and all other microstock sites) needs commercial images, not artistic images: there is a great difference between these two categories: the first one is for having a revenue, the second one is for feeling something while looking...(really summary definition but I think correct!)

So after 2 months, I stopped to upload on Dreamstime because a lot of images were rejected and only 15-20 images downloaded...ONLY 15- 16 downloads for what? For only a coffee?

I took a break in uploading process for studing how to change my way of seeing and shooting in order to find olso the commercial value of what I was going to snap.

It was not easy also beacuse the majority of my pictures come from my trips (I love to travel) and this subject is really covered, but at the end I think I was able to create and found a personal style

When I came back to upload after few months, rejected images decreased and my downloads increased (with a bit breackdown for christmas time... I haven't picture for this subject). In few months I reached few milestones such as 4 images at level 2; 500 pictures in my portfolio, 150 dollars of revenue, more visibility....

sure, I'm far from my dream, but I believe to be on the right way!!!

bye bye


Photo credits: Fabio Cardano.

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March 11, 2010


I wish you a lot of success with your work!

March 10, 2010


Congratulations! We are all entitled to take a break and regroup, and in your case, I think you made the right decision. Just imagine where you will be a year from now. :-) Good luck!!!

March 10, 2010


well done, nice portfolio !

March 10, 2010


Very nice Fabio! it's good to see also a landscape and nature photographer who succeeds in selling in microstock. It always encouraging for people like me.

March 10, 2010


Congratulations! Keep going & good luck!

March 10, 2010


Congratulations and wish you many more sales!

March 10, 2010


Way to go. I'm glad you found your personal style in stock photography. I'm still searching :)

March 10, 2010


Congrats. You are very right. Refusal of an image dos not necessarily mean that it s a bad photo. But means it has no commercial value at all.

March 10, 2010


Good luck and I wish you to reach your dream!

March 10, 2010


Well done, congratulations and very nice panorama shots!

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