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March has arrived

Archive February. As I wrote in my last post, I thought that last month was not very profitable, but I can say with some satisfaction, that last month, went very well.

This month of March started well enough. I hope that in March follows the trend in February, January and December. It would be wonderful if this exceeds the previous month .... we'll see.

The only thing that at the time, it strikes me negatively, is the performance of the illustrations Easter: Easter is coming, but in all these years I never managed to sell one.

It's paradoxical: I can sell more or less all year round Christmas illustrations, but those Easter, although nice, are not unloaded at the time. I start thinking about getting something wrong in creation.

Maybe the time for them to be downloaded will arrive. For now I'm searching for other ideas to create. Does anyone have any advice?

For now, I close this post by showing you some images that were recently approved. As for Christmas, as you can see for ourselves, for Easter I am creating a Gothic Line. Like it?

Soon, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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March 11, 2011


thank you Anhong :)

March 09, 2011


Very beautiful illustrations. Good luck!

March 09, 2011


Thank you all!
True: melt gothic ideas with other theme is a good idea, but also work melting together many different themes. The only thing really important is evaluate what kind of theme could interest. Gothic, thanks to Tim Burton, has become a very popular theme, although many people watch Burton's movies without understanding them!
Personally, I enjoy creating gothic illustrations. :)

March 09, 2011


Great illustrations, wish you many sales!

March 09, 2011


Your illustrations are great.

March 09, 2011


They're very unique. It's nice to see some Easter images that stand out from the rest.

March 09, 2011


That is awesome! Great and fresh idea with the gothic images!!!

March 09, 2011


I wish you to sell many easter illustrations this year! And congratulations for your gothic portfolio!

March 08, 2011


yes. the nice month is coming

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