Marijuana: legalize or not?


In the world, since more time, people talk about the "light drugs" and in particular about the legalization of marijuana and its derived...

I think that a controlled legalization can fight the crime, and you?

Marijuana: legalize or not?

Photo credits: Gennaro86.

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Yes! Let`s legalize it :)


Greatly depends on whether you think legalized drinking has helped or hurt ..... both are mind altering substances ....


All that is achieved by making something illegal is giving business to organised crime.


I think it should be legalized in order to reduce the usage. Making it illegal cannot be a solution. Does making something forbidden work or make it more appealing?


In my opinion light drug is still drug. I hope that in Italy it is ever legalized...


Not my thing but I can see the benefits in its legalisation.


nice pics


Now there is a can of worms....

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