Market is OK! Want To See?!

Hi everybody, I just want you all to feel OK about the micro-stock market cause as a buyer my self, I'm happy to tell you that I have reached over 200 downloads! More than 100 downloads within a month!

And I am one among many that are active day and night!

I have posted some blogs about the use of some of these downloads (The recent ones are: Kindergarten and Shoe Repair) and still many to come. But as projects are not as fast as a download you have to be patient :))

I'll leave you with some photos also to have an idea what can be downloaded...

Keep Uploading Everybody!

Cheers :)

PS1: I notify some of the photographers when I remember to do!

PS2: Please do NOT ask if I downloaded any of your's! :)

© Dovapi

© Elnur

Photo credits: Tamás Ambrits, Scott Griessel, Pavlo Vakhrushev, Elnur, Gemenacom, Ginasanders, Imagery Majestic , Mary Katherine Wynn, Kineticimagery, Luis Alvarenga, Luna Vandoorne Vallejo, Pressmaster, Sergeblack, Fedor Sidorov, Veronika Zemlyannikova.

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Thanks Susan, you're such a GREAT friend ;)


Okay, so maybe not THE BEST...but still Super to us!!!


Luis but we will never get used on it! :))
Leslie we can not live with out optimism! ;)
Dragos I know what you mean but I see people that take advantage of these crises & we should try how to play their game! It's not easy anywhere now a days! Cheer up ;)
Thank you Rosedarc :)
Carol Super Thanks :))


Great work SuperMaen! ;))


I wish more buyers were as proactively communicating as you are! Thanks for your constant updates


The crisis is gone, the market is up (but not in my country), so I am glad to here these kind of news from you, Maen!


Thank you for the optimism!


No you don't! It may be considered a new(old) tradition.. :)


Thanks Chucky! :)

OMG Altaf I can not believe what I am reading! I wish if I can be! Thank you anyway, take care :))

Clayton Just keep your nice concepts on! We really need it :)


Thanks for the great tip Maen! We all appreciate it!


Mani, you are the best here, the best buyer ever seen


great friends ang excellent images!


Thank you all! I really love navigating your portfolios and of course downloading what I need!
Luis the project is almost done from my side! But an official authorization for some issues is still pending :( "Do I need to remind you how paper work goes! ;)"
btw the one of Cascais is for the same project!


Wow, your speed of download grows. I still remember when we have celebrated with you 100 downloads and now... wow, 200 download! Happy "anniversary", keep writing interesting blogs like till now and keep going on with your wonderful job! I wish you a lot of inspiration and good luck during chossing images for your projects! :-)


Wow!That's fantastic!Thank you also for your activity :)Best wishes ,Gabriel


Thanks Nani!
As always so helpful !


Yapp, thank you for your activity and downloads! :)


that's fantastic maen, you provide us with info which is very valuable - thanks alot :)


Hi :) thanks for the download, is that project done or not yet? Let me know and thanks again! How about the photo from Cascais?

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