Marketers want two things: Good Photos and Affiliate Money

In March 2011 I published the first issue of Alberta Marketing Strategy Magazine. It is a short run (25,000 print copies) B2B print and web publication.

The image in this article was used for the composite to show clients. When the client who was to be put on the cover saw this photograph he suggested that we just run with him - but he was only joking of course. Still, the advertisers loved this photograph. In Canada a guy like this fits the stereotype for a guy who knows how to get things done in business and one who is trustworthy.

You can go through the website of the magazine to see how I used various photographs and graphics. Click Alberta Marketing Companies.

The second thing I did with the magazine was to have a Money Saving Section. One of those pages was on the affiliate program here at Dreamstime. Click Calgary Corporate Photographers to see that page. On every other page of the magazine's website I have ads. So far those ads have not generated any revenue but, the Dreamstime Affiliate page has. So I'm going to replace an ad on every page with a Dreamstime affiliate link (do more of what works!).

I also own 200 other websites where I will be adding a Dreamstime link.

I hope this helps!



Photo credits: Yuri_arcurs.

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August 03, 2011


This is a great blog post David. It's exactly what we photographers need, a way to find what designers need. It's OK for us to look at what has sold in the past, but that is in the past. I expect that like most industries tastes change over time and what has been a requirement in the past may now be changing.

You obviously have a very busy time but if you could keep up this series of blogs it would be very much appreciated.

August 03, 2011


Wow David. Nice job!

August 03, 2011


I hope...

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