Marketing... What's your plan?

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So I have to market myself to get anywhere. I think I sort of have the taking pictures part of the photo business down, but the business, i.e getting my name out there and getting hired, not so much.

I am sort of at a loss for what to do...... i got myself a myspace page and plan on getting a facebook page. I have also set up blogs at live journal and blogger, which I have to start adding to.

But does this really help? or are these just a giant waste of time?

Would I do better with more traditional marketing strategies? i.e bulk mailing, cold calling, local chamber?

What are your thoughts....... what is your experience?

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November 25, 2015


So since you wrote this, how have you done, what worked, what didn't? I am just getting started (10 months in) and trying to get the word out. I emailed my portfolio to all the local news stations and also when I find a local bloger I email them too.

November 29, 2007


As a start to marketing myself on-line i joined something called squidoo, and put together something they have created called a lens.

There are other stock photographers on there and lots of information about pretty much anything.

This is the lens I made.

My wife also made one for my artwork. let me know what you think.

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