Marriage Weekend, Continued

Since I ran out of time the other day, I would like to continue the story of my marriage weekend. =)

Though the ceremony was small, beginning at 2pm, we didn't leave the church until after 3pm! The ceremony itself was only about 10 minutes long, so where did the time go? To the photographer, of course!

One of my husband's aunts is a professional photographer, so she took the pictures for us. It had been a few years since she had done weddings, and I think she was having fun! As she posed us here and posed us there, she kept going, "Oh! I have another idea!" and would jump up enthusiastically to direct us to another spot. It was rather enjoyable. =)

As much as I would love to post pictures from our ceremony here, I cannot because I am not the copyright holder. =(

After the ceremony, we had an intimate lunch with the guests who attended. It seemed like we were only there for an hour, but it was brought to my attention that we were there for 3!!! And we still have the reception to go to this weekend! I can only imagine how long it will be with 100 people there instead of 25... It will be a blast, though. =) We are having it in a barn that has been restored and is rented for such ocassions. It doesn't even look like a barn any more. We are also placing tables and canopies outside, so hopefully the weather will cooperate!

The honeymoon was wonderful (I still have pictures to process, so hold tight!). The only complaint I have is that the night before we left, we were horsing around and I fell.. my chest landed on my husband's nose.

The nose is fine, the chest on the other hand... I had to go to the hospital a few days after we returned home, because the pain was increasing. We found out that I have a chest wall contusion, and have bruised all of the soft tissue in my chest. Thank goodness I didn't crack anything, though! Though it hurts like a son-of-a-gun, it is rather funny that a nose can cause this sort of damage!

Photo credits: Maria Yfanti, Redbaron, SeregaI.

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