Mass tourism - ups and downs

I have a confession: I love to travel. Like most people, especially in this community.

Tourism nowdays is an industry, making up huge part of many countries' GDP, creating lot of jobs from waiters to interpreters. Great advantage is, that lot of the money spent stays with the locals.

Hungarian passport on a map

There are however disadvantages too. Impact on the environment, on cities and locals are immense. Some places became overcrowded. Think of Venice, Barcelona or Plitvice Lakes. All are trying to limit the flow, with more or less success.

And that is, what we (stock) photographers don't like. When I visited Prague this february, I choose the date because I tought there would be a bit less people. How wrong I was! The iconic Charles Bridge was full with people as early as half past 7! And have you ever tried Split (Croatia) in the summer?

The iconic Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

Under those circumstances you have no chance to catch the vibe of the place.

Bench in Sopron

That's why I prefer to travel to smaller towns, villages, if possible, with the train. To think outside the tourist guide, check out places besides the mandatory tourist attractions. You might even have a better chance selling such pictures than selling your Eiffel Tower of the 70 838 pics (yes, I checked).

Photo credits: Bettina Wagner.

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June 11, 2019


Rbrucew, Digikhmer thank you for the comments. Digikhmer, I love your Paris photo, and you're right, you shot the best travel photos at home.

June 10, 2019


As you said, selling the Eiffel Tower is a mission impossible. But I am still notice that mine is still the best ;)  Sunrise on the Eiffel tower reflection  and Paris is my home town and my playground ;)

June 09, 2019


Nice blog, and I really like the Prague photo. 

June 08, 2019


Thank you Patrick57, I checked it, it indeed looks amazing.

June 08, 2019


Good article Bettina, love the photo's especially the Prague photo. The most (very)off beat place I go is Scolt head nature reserve, which is an Island at high tide and you'd rarely see another soul. 

June 06, 2019


TheSlowWalkers, exactly. What is the most off-the-beat destination you guys traveled to?

June 06, 2019


Nice blog. It's getting more difficult to avoid the crowds but there's nothing  like a challenge.

June 06, 2019


Elianehaykal, Williamwise1, thank you!

June 05, 2019


Wonderful photos you used to illustrate your article! Love the concept behind the map and passport photo. Good job! William

June 05, 2019


How true, we always try to travel to places during the off-season. However, it often turns out to be crowded too!

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