The mausoleum of Chinese Qin dynasty

China is very long history nation in the world. The emperor who unified China for the first time is Ying Zheng of Qin dynasty. He was a great emperor and also a atrocious emperor.

The mausoleum of Qin dynasty was just built for him. The mausoleum of Qin dynasty locate in the Lin Tong county 30 kilometer from city of Xi An, in Shan Xi province. It was built since Ying Zheng emperor 13 year old. It spend 38 year and 720000 manpower work on it, at that time total population of Qin dynasty was 20 million.

The mausoleum of Qin dynasty is famous for is huge scale and large numbers of soldiers and war horse made by clay and countless unique costful treasure.

The mausoleum of Qin dynasty was found by a Chinese farmer in 1974. It is most spectacular and most clay soldiers and war horse whatever in quantity and quality in the world.

This picture is the mimic of clay soldier.

Photo credits: Watercattle.

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