May 2009 earnings breakdown

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Basically all my top 5 under performed this month. Some are barely above 50% of last month some are even 30%. On the other hand FT and IS did better than usual but both are still below 5% of my earnings. Other slow earners like SV or CS did well too. I guess it's easy to double when you are so low :-)


SS 50.86%61.89%

DT 14.66%32.29%

SXP 13.08%53.99%

123 9.19%24.46%

FT 4.64%153.85%

IS 3.78%159.80%

SV 1.63%175.00%

CS 1.55%200.00%

BS 0.39%25.00%

CSP 0.23%1.52%


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June 02, 2009


How do you find the time to maintain all these sites and keep track of what is where. Congratulations on multi taxing.Peter

June 02, 2009


thanks for use my picture! ;)

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