May starts great - Dreamstime

Just got some sales just a few days in to this month. And my portfolio increases almost everyday.

Its the old stock photo trick = "Never-let-the-upload-queue-be-empty". Always have images in the review queue. Never stop uploading :) keep on fighting.

Why should you always have images in the queue?

Because some of you images WILL get rejected and therefore you should different version of it in the queue. The images you have taken may be well covered on the site, thats why you should be unique in your shooting style and angels etc. Try something new. Never be put of by rejections, its a GREAT way to learn that the agencies are looking for. Never loose your sprite, keep on shooting :).

Second reason: why you should always have images ready is to grow your portfolio.

The more images you have in you portfolio the more exposure you will get on the site which means more sales = Revenue.

Now I'm almost halfway to 200 images online. Just a few weeks ago i made my goal to have atleast 100 images online before April ended. See blogpost here!

Im hoping that i have 200 images online before May ends this time;)

Photo credits: Matthiase.

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May 12, 2013


Congratulations, for me May has been very slow, actually slower than any other month in the past 2 years.

May 10, 2013


I also had a good start this month, hope it keeps up the pace :D Keep uploading and good luck!

May 10, 2013


I agree with you about having images in the queue. It makes it easier to wait to see if they are approved and every few days few more are approved or rejected. Great photos, keep it up!

May 09, 2013


Keep working, keep uploading, keep improving! Nice images!

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