The Mayan Prophecy About 2012

Hello, this is my second post on the blog and i decided to write a few things about the mayan prophecy. As you may have heard as we approach the date of 21 december 2012 more and more people are asking if it is going to happen something (bad) on that day. It is true that the maya people had a very precise calendar and they divided the calendar into different eras...after one ends...a new one starts. But to say that people have different symptoms as we approach that day, like intensive dreaming, flu symptoms, an electric shock that runs through our body...i think these are just inventions of some people who have nothing else to do but to scare the large mass of people who are easy to manipulate. The conclusion is the ending could happen in 5 1 year..or in 100..or never...just live your life and love the ones you care most.

I made a few photos that can be related with the so called apocalypse with 2012 theme so i hope you like them. Thanks for reading this post. See you soon.

Photo credits: Radub85.

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December 14, 2011


Good luck with your images, they look great.

December 14, 2011


I think the reason he Mayan calander ended on that date is they were busy fighting the Spaniards and when they were done, just forgot what they had been doing!

December 14, 2011


Beautiful series!

December 14, 2011


Nice pictures you got there

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