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I'm finally getting down to writing my first blog entry here in Dreamstime (in fact its my first blog entry anywhere!!). So I thought its a good idea to do a bit of self introduction here.

My name is Gerald Hng and I hail from the sunny island at the tip of the Malaysia Peninsular called Singapore. Over here in Singapore, we are fascinated with everything technological - we want the fastest computers, the sharpest television sets, the latest Ipods... Well, thats how I got interested in photography too...

I've got various digital cameras before but those were mainly PnS and never got me really interested in photography as they were more of a tool to capture some important family events. It was only at the start of 2007 when I was looking around for a camera to replace my older model did I discover certain photography sites and forums online. Then I realized that even amateur photographers are producing stunning and beautiful pictures.

I was intrigued and embarked on a learning journey to enlighten myself on the technical aspect of taking a photo. I got my first prosumer, a Panasonic FZ50 at that time. After a few months, I decided that this is one hobby that I really liked and traded in the FZ50 for a Nikon D80. My main areas of interest are Macro and Abstract photography.

Below is the very first stock photo of mine that got accepted into Dreamstime...

Till now, I am still learning and discovering new techniques everytime I go on a shoot. Take a look at my stock photos and download them if they suit your fancy... It'll be an encouragement to me as well as an acknowledgment that I have indeed made some progress along the way :)

Photo credits: Hobbes187.

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