This is me :)

I'm new to this world of stock photography. I thought I was a decent photographer until I had photo after photo rejected. Wow what a blow to the good 'ol ego. Sheesh!

So this is where I stand as of today, and I thought I would share the stories behind the photos I have the privilege of sharing here on DT.

First and foremost, my daughter. This was taken on a warm summer day and it was the first time she sat unassisted. I remember it well, she sat looking around trying to figure out what the wind was that kept taking her breath.

Ah, the dandelion. I took this recently after getting my new macro filters. My daughter's laughter was the music behind the photo as she played in the yard while I took pictures and played while she played.

These are the pear blossoms that will bear fruit for our tree this fall. I never knew the beauty of them until I looked at them through a macro filter. And I wondered how many times I had passed that tree while it was in bloom and never noticed all of the busy activity that goes with the blooming season.

This is Dixie, a dapple gray mare. My oldest daughter is something of a horse whisperer. She can stand in the middle of the 5 horses, barefoot and they will be as gentle as kittens with her.

This is Cheyenne, an old paint mare with blue eyes, which is commonly called a glass eye. They are so stunning. I could take pictures of her all day. The way her mane falls combined with her eye color makes for a breathtaking photo.

These two are Shiloh and Dixie. Shiloh is also a paint mare and also has blue eyes but they aren't as bright. It's heartwarming to see that something so wild can still have the same attributes as we humans do. They need and long for affection and love just as we do.

Last but not least, the final photo of Dixie during my shoot. She's such a beauty. There is something wild and exotic about taking photos of horses. It's indescribable for me really. Their beauty is abundant, their spirit is free and when you capture the combination of those two elements, you have your sweet shot.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I just wanted to post this to show everyone that beauty is all around us in a variety of forms. We have but to pick up our camera and focus to capture it.

Photo credits: Bri Williamson.

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My robin egg photo got accepted, which I didn't expect. Nice surprise though! And I can't wait to get out (hopefully, fingers crossed) this weekend and get some shots of the babies that just hatched. So ugly they're cute. Fun to photograph and fun to watch!


Thank you guys for the compliments and advice, it's helped a ton! I got one more photo accepted so I'm slowing learning the ropes of this whole business! It's helped in all areas of my business, even if I'm just out shooting to be shooting or doing engagement pictures or whatever. Everything gets checked at 100% zoom and even if it feels like I'm severing an artery I will still trash the ones that aren't clear at 100% even if they look ok printed in a smaller size. Research really is key here because it's so competative and you have to be the first one to think outside the box. It's fun though!


Welcome, I like your horses. My advise would be to experiment a little with your horses. See what has been accepted and go from there. Good luck :)


Nice pics Bri. Your first paragraph made me laugh - sounds like the start I had and same smack to the ol ego after a bunch of rejections. But then I got a couple on, and then one day, someone actually bought a photo!! Whoa! Keep at it, your pics are fantastic - like the horse ones.


Thank you very much!!!


hi and welcome they are great photos love all of them, keep up the good work and the sales will follow


@ Babar760:
These are apparently the only photographs thus far that have been accepted by DT. I kept getting refused files for various reason and since I'm new to all of this I wasn't really sure what exactly was wrong with the images I had submitted. I'm new to my camera, never had equipment of this caliber and I'm not accustomed to the terms that go with it. As I stated in one of my previous blogs, I'm first and foremost a mother. That means, 110% of my time is devoted to my children. That also means, I don't exactly have the luxury of picking up and heading out with my camera at my leisure. I appreciate all criticism unless it is delivered rudely and in bad taste.
1. I don't know many photographers who are in it solely for the money.
2. If you are in it for the money you're shorting yourself.
3. Go read someone else's blog and look at their portfolio if seeing mine puts you in a bad mood and makes you feel the need to post ridiculous comments.
4. Have you researched the amount of photographs of children/horses that are on DT and are being downloaded? Not exactly "0".
5. I respect your opinion but please do NOT comment about my children now, or in the future if you have nothing nice to say.


Welcome to DT!


Let's cut to the chase Bri. Do you want to show off your family and horses or do you want to make some money! No one is really interested in other people's children or your favorite horse. Shoot things that are difficult or that no one else wants to photograph. That's the way to make enough money to ( maybe ) pay for your equipment. I'm being blunt but hopefully it might help you.


It is very beautiful!


Your portfolio is great! Welcome to DT!


Welcome to DT and congratulations for your beauty images!


Thank you all! It's wonderful to see such kind words from such accomplished and talented professionals such as yourselves! :)


nice pics, good luck


beautiful horse


I love the "spirit" behind your pictures, and after reading this article, I love your Spirit too!! Huge blessings to you in your DT career!! You have gorgeous pictures already, and I am SURE more to come!!


You have a very nice start here with beautiful pictures and a cute little daughter as model. Good luck at DT.


I've had a ton of rejected images and finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I'm hoping to get out this weekend and shoot a bit and see what I come up with. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates! :)


Thank you!!!


Welcome to DT, enjoy your time here. Your portfolio is very small right now but you have great images.

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