At me soon holiday!

On September, 14th 2007 my jobs the first time have appeared

The whole year has flown by as one day. Surprisingly!

Do not ask me how much I has earned - I all the same to you shall not tell :) the Main thing that my perfection has grown. I have learned much. I like conditions and an atmosphere on Dreamstime. In it year I have changed the camera for better model. I think now my business on Dreamstime will go better.

And if business will go better, I can buy to myself the digital mirror chamber. Nikon D80 or D90 also I shall become the abrupt photographer. :)

At me in photographer's portfolio is fractals jobs. Here an example.

Polycolor disk

Solar figure

Hot brilliant

Artful design pink







To mine not bad, the truth?

If bad - criticize.:) I shall be glad to any criticism.

In general I am happy with cooperation with the command I shall continue and to please you with the pictures further.

I wait for your congratulations on anniversary! :)))

Photo credits: Tokomag.
  • Tokomag
Graphic art is fine

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September 09, 2008

Thank for congratulations!
Py2000, you it is valid so consider? You know, you are right. Since tomorrow's day I shall load a minimum 25 photos in day.


September 09, 2008

Congratulations! Keep uploading more!