Me? A Teacher?

Thanks to the encouraging words of some friends, the brutal, but always helpful reviews here at DT, and some free time, I have put together a little photography course. Now, I don't expect that anyone here at DT is going to need to take my course, but I only mention it because I have my experience here at DT to thank for it.

Not only did I learn much about what makes a great photograph and what to look for in the technical aspects of an image, but it pushed me to learn more about photography. I have been, borderline, obsessed with photography since joining this site about a year and a half ago. I actually had to go back and disable a few images I uploaded in the beginning that were just, well, downright embarrassing. I don't know how they ever got through the reviewers. Maybe they had pity on me because my approval rating was so low back then. They were pushing me hard to improve, while, at the same time, not letting me drown in my own self-pity and depression over my inabilities.

In any case, here is some information about the class if you want to check it out: Introduction to Digital Photography and type in camera when asked for the password.

Photo credits: Jason Schulz.

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September 02, 2007


Great comment about command prompt. :) I like it!
Good luck with your classes, Jay!

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