Meadow in Four Seasons

I always go to the spacious grassland, riding horses and experience the feeling of broad and generous. So share with you my friends, the beautiful images of meadow in the four seasons:

Spring here, there’s limitless grassland, get you fall in love at first sight by the yellow green grass; snow melting on the ground, ice disappears in the lake, gentle breath seems bring you a variety colorful world…

With entering the splendid prairie, there’s a bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved a horse's head standing at the boundary between Inner-Mongolia and Hebei province. Among the limitless pasture, appears a clear shining lake, which will give people a pleasure surprise. When waving in the lake the clouds reflection, you will feel so gentle & beautiful the lake is!

Summer is the most beautiful season for the meadow, freedom, sunshine & blooming flowers are the most popular symbol for it. Wandering in the dark green grass, enjoy the leisure time the nature gives us. Even though walking far away with the camera in the hands, still hard to find a suitable angle to shot the openness of the whole scene. Just become aware of at the first time the expanse of sky and land, so closed between nature & human beings.

Autumns slowly turns the forest & grass into golden and orange, the frost dried birch presents golden color below the clouds,

cowherds browse herd on the meadow; farmers gathered the mow together, preparing the feed storage for the winter, another harvest season comes. In the sunset, everything becomes golden & sparkles.

When snow covers the entire field, although trees are already withered, it’s still shining for all around are silvery white. So clear and pure. People seldom come here at this season, only occasionally find some vehicle tire indent remains on the thick snow surface, winding its way. Winter comes, at the same time, spring is not far away.

Hope you will like them!

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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