Medical Arts Press Photo Contest!

I received an email this morning about a photo contest that I thought all of you out there would be interested in. It's called "Point, Click, and Win $1,000!" I don't think you have to be a previous customer to enter, either. Medical Arts Press will use the winning photo for a postcard. The link to read about and enter the contest is here:

If you win, you do have to let them use your photo for the postcard, and I'm not sure if it's like selling the rights or not (but I think it is). If anyone wants to read the full terms and conditions of the contest, the link is here.

Photo credits: Eclecticelegance.

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I am not sure how many times you can enter - I looked through the terms and conditions, but did not see a clear answer to this.


Contests such as these can be very fun. However, it is extremely important to read and understand all the terms and conditions! Thanks for including the link to this information. :)

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