Meet Shatti!

Hello, dear friends!

Today I decided to diversify my blog and introduce one of our family members to you)))

Six years ago my friend phoned me to say that someone had been squeaking under her window for a several days already. When she found out that it was a newborn kitten she started to call everyone she knew immediately to find him home. My friend couldn't take him because of terrific allergies she had and we decided to do it with my husband.

Those years we lived in student campus studying and working, so our decision strongly contradicted the campus rules. Anyway, when we saw him we couldn't resist. He was too small, too dirty, too strange, too loud and too cute. He was still blind. Trying to find the right solution we ran to the veterinarian, got medications and instructions for further rehabilitation. Day by day he became stronger, dropper-feeding changed by forage, he began to play and being sneaky. We called him Shatti.

Today he is so different with typically expressive muzzle, very sociable and emotional)))

Sometimes ironic

Flirtatious glance

Sometimes predaceous

Turkish Van Cat

Sometimes meditative

Cat in meditation

Sometimes romantic

Cat and flowers

or lazy

Sneaky glance.

but mostly sleepy)))

Sleepy White cat

He delights us every day and I definitely love his pink ears)))

Always with gratitude and love,

VB ❤

Photo credits: Articture.

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February 18, 2016


Thank you friends!

February 18, 2016


Beautiful pictures!!
…..and very pretty cat….and a wonderful pet!

February 18, 2016


Very cute :-)

February 17, 2016


Nice photos, Pretty kitty. And good for you for coming to the rescue.

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