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The Greeting

When Monty was 5 months old, we decided to get him a little friend...We went to SICSA with every intention to walk out with a lab or be honest, I wanted to walk out with every dog in there but I had to be realistic...we looked and we looked..then finally we looked down..there she was..our little Nikko ( named after the head flying Monkey in the Wizard of Oz) she was nothing that we had "intented" to get..but everything we ever wanted...The introduction to Monty, our Great Dane, was comical..Nikko was 2.5 months old and he was a mere 5 months...the funny characteristic of dogs is they do not recognize size..This was apparent as Nikko took over the lead role in the adventures of Nikko and Monty...Monty does not move without asking his love, Nikko, permission...

Photo credits: Brandinharris78.
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January 31, 2015

Some of them are cute and some are cool. Best friend of man
Cheers.. :)


January 30, 2015

I love dogs in general and in particular this puppy very tender!