Mega Pixel Race - Seeking New Harware

Please Note:

No malice is intended in any of this comment of mine, especially not to any particular brand mentioned & or not mentioned here in this comment of my personal opinion.

I am just a little confused right now as to what direction to go in. And am seeking knowledgeable advice.

For now … I suppose that I'll have to wait and see what the next offering from SONY is as I have already a sizable investment into that brand … lenses / batteries / Remote trigger / etc. etc

That said, down to meat of this topic:

At the time of the 2008 price increase here at DT, I see that the image size specifications have been altered — I'm assuming inline with an industry driven demand for larger files.

In order to have maximum sizes available, you need to upload images that are larger than 12 Mega Pixels.

Previously my images shot @ max size on my Sony A-200, 10.2MP — were fitting into all the size categories. [well actually 10.0 as it reports in Camera Raw 4.5] or the initial unit that I started out using [Sony A-100].

It is clear that larger files are better, in the long run, so … re: 12MPS — looks like I may have to looking at some newer hardware soon … as my SONY A-200 is only a 10.2MP camera …

However that said, there is much debate in the industry of the Mega Pixel race vs CCD frame size … There does seem to much debate as to whether or not all the new hardware with the increased MP counts are actually any better than their predecessors.

I am a firmly on the side of:

pixels density itself, should not be the determining factor

Some interesting resources are:,1464749

Anyone care to make informed comment on what should be the next camera for a person of my caliber. In order to gauge that you are invited to peruse my portfolio of images accepted to date.

Here is the latest accepted image …

Now you may want to ask — why am I using the SONY brand and not NIKON or CANON.

My answer is simple:

I am not one of the sheep!

[While the Canon brand is heavily punted here in South Africa, I have never liked, nor don't think ever will, that brand] — Though I must admit that my opinion is largely founded on the early models that were made available here in S.A. — Let's put it this way, I'm sure that I would never risk any amount of cash into a product that I am already uncertain about. Added to that the fact that there is never a "trail" period offered on any hardware purchased … So you gotta be 100% sure before getting yourself into a lifetime of pain & angst. Perhaps camera manufacturers should consider giving prospective buyers a "test / trial" period to secure confidence in the product. This could always be facilitated by the means of a fully refundable [100% of the purchase price] deposit. That way should you not be impressed with the product, one could simply return it & get your CASH back … Until such a ground breaking policy is announced here in S.A. I suspect that the Canon brand will never see my confidence levels swing to their favor.

I am not "Rockefeller" …

In general NIKON is far more pricey [grant it, in my opinion also FAR superior than any other brand] I just can't justify the spend.

I am optimistic …

I do believe that I've been left with the next best level … considering that SONY only entered the dSLR level a few years ago [2006] with the Alpha range. I am confident that their cameras will just get better & better …

This is based on my opinion … but also the knowledge that SONY have entered into the market by purchasing the MINOLTA technology & then developing on that superior platform.

Now I'm not forgetting all the other players …

Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, etc etc — It's just that this again a confidence level issue … So I'd rather not be repeating myself. Any other brands that I may have not mentioned have not been specifically omitted, I am just thinking off the top of my head with regards brands that I am familiar with [or not].

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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February 11, 2009


Man, I am into SONY too. I got A700 with some Zeiss lens and Sony macro and I can tell you I never regretted one second. This is great hardware. I shoot also Large Format (Tachihara) and medium too.
What I hate is a zoom - I use them but I hate them.
Well, let's be honest - I look at A900 with growing interest.... Maybe the next one...
I strongly believe in BIG frame. So, my trusty Tachi is still with me! When I have a car or camel to carry it :D
Don't regret your SONY - it is super cool stuff.
Good luck! Tom

November 03, 2008


So it's here … the A900. But I nowhere near being able to scratch up that sort of dough.
But I'm not going to be in a huge hurry to drop that sort of "cheddar" for a clicker!
So now what?

I guess I'm gonna need to just keep on going with the bits that I have …
At least until I make about a zillion more sales — especially seeings as DT are still allowing Max [& RAW] file downloads on "subs" pricing.

That does leave a sour taste, but I guess the trade off is for the exposure … here.

October 18, 2008


I see that Sony have indeed announced their new full frame offering … A-900.
As have Nikon & Cannon announced their new "Big Boys".

Unfortunately I fear that it will be a long time before I can ever try that one out — [A-900]

Based largely on two factors …
It's recommended retail price is set at $3000 & as I am having to convert from a much weaker currency [ZAR — South African Rand, which has been taking a serious pounding in the recent past — at today's exchange rate conversion $3000.00 equates to R30,150.00]!!!!
I seriously doubt any camera suppliers are even going to have a unit "on display" — based largely on the reason above …

So unless a miracle happens [like I sell the rights to one of my assignment images, here at DT], [imgl]5896015[/imgl] — [imgl]5585981[/imgl] — like that would ever happen …

Or some kind soul from SONY see's fit to let me be their South African "Guinea pig" I'll have to just dream on …

October 11, 2008


During the coarse of my continuing research I a keep finding new & very interesting sources …
For an enlightening read, please visit:

This are a VERY interesting read, for those who are in the same position as myself …

Anybody with some other resources pls feel free to post the links, as I am still hunting for more information.

October 10, 2008


Well said :-)
I'm a satisfied Minolta user, with Nikon D70 as backup.
Awaiting Sony's full frame to come around :-)

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