Member of the $1000.00 club

I with great humility and appreciation accept membership into the $1000.00 club.

Yes it has taken awhile but I still will celebrate.

I also find it very interesting to look and see what have been the top sellers because I have always tried to be versatile and have a combination of photos that would fill the need of many types of situations.

My #1 seller

is very dear to me and as you can see is a people photo. It is fitting it should be #1 and makes me proud in more ways than just the photo

My # 2 seller

Also makes my very proud because it is a bit creative and with my best friend and fellow Dreamstimer "digitalreflections"

we often get together and shoot photos and share ideas .

This particular photo is of both of us and was shot with a remote and the self timer.

#3 Is not a people shot but a studio shot of a couple of sprinkler heads with glass melt aways.

#4 Is why you should always have the camera with you.

My wife and I were comming back from a get together and on the way home we came over a hill and the sun was shining through the spray of the irrigation system. As I pulled the truck over she said " wow look at that" and out came the camera and tripod. It's been one of my favorites even before I took it.

#5 Is an editorial of Rubiks cube, another indoor pre planned shot.

So the ols saying live by the sword, die by the sword might fit here.

I try to be versatile and in my top five sellers I have people, studio, nature, and editorial. A pretty good mix.

Please do not mistake my celebration with aragonce. I am sharing not bragging. We all take photos at our own pace and I'm sure some people sell $1000.00 every month but we all contribute and make it what it is.



Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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June 14, 2011


Thanks for sharing! Good luck!

June 14, 2011


wow that drop irrigation photo is amazing!! well done!! well deserved!

June 09, 2011


$1000 in the pocket is fine to be bragging. why not? someone has to brag for you or me, so why not ourselves first, lol.
seriously, I think you hit the target sooner bc you discovered a niche.
Jolly good for you, as that is really the secret of success , esp for someone new in the race of microstock photography.
Don't spend it all in one place ( Look who's talking.. when I 've spent my 1000 bucks already, and have yet to earn it with Dreamstime, lol)

June 07, 2011


I don't think you are bragging at all. I recently did the same blog post, and I was just so excited I wanted to share with my DT family here (just like I imagine that you are!). I really like your images, and they are very well done. Here's to your continued success and your next $1,000! :)

June 05, 2011


Well done! Wish you many more to come :)

June 05, 2011


Congrats, its a great feeling, wish you many more exclusive clubs.

June 03, 2011


Congratulatiooooooonssss !!!

June 03, 2011


Congratulations, something for most of the rest of us to aspire to. Hopefully your images will continue selling for many year.

June 02, 2011



June 02, 2011


We all be driving ferrari's in a couple of hundred years time :))

June 02, 2011


way to go congrats!

June 02, 2011


That is an awesome achievement! Congratulations and wishing you more milestones in the future :)

June 01, 2011


Congrats on your achivement!!! Inspiration is all we need. BTW great collection of photos.

June 01, 2011



June 01, 2011


Congrats.... a little over 4 years.... but hope more will come....

June 01, 2011


Congrats!!! I love #4!

June 01, 2011


Congrats! How long did it take?

June 01, 2011


Great achivement,thanks for share!!!

June 01, 2011


Congratulations, it is a great achivement.... Great images.

June 01, 2011


Hey Dave, welcome to the club, I got in one month ago!

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