Memory Issues

I am sure that my generation and the next is in grave danger of losing the memory capacity of our brain due to digital revolution. This trend will set a change in human evolution also in coming years. Even some generations before me who are hooked to the tech will be facing this problem. Recently my grandfather expired and I went back into the lane of old memories remembering everything. One of the things I remembered was the first phone in our house. And then I suddenly realized that I knew so many numbers by heart which I still remember, yet today I only know around 4-5 numbers by heart. I have become slave to technology like many others and I need to revive it. Because I am not still the next generation human form which has given less importance to memory and more to intelligence. I can still create a balance and rely on my own brain to remember things, yet it can be a hard task considering the years I spent being dependent.

When I tried to analyze things around, the huge collection of books that increased… and mainly the digital media I understood I am in a mess. How the hell am I supposed to know which song is in which DVD or which DVD is in which folder? It is impossible to actually remember digital media contents where you have over 1000 dvds. I sat down meditated and rest of the time concentrated on this same topic. How could I start reviving my memory capabilities and here are some simple solutions I came up with.

1.Memorize 2 important numbers from your cellphone phonebook everyday and try to remember them as days pass with your new memorized numbers.

2.Don’t use bookmarks in your books.

3.Do not use the save login and password information in your browser no matter how many accounts you have on whatever websites.

4.Stop looking at your GPS screens when you go on known routes.

5.Try to memorize the names of roads, squares and important landmarks in your city every time you pass them.

6.Keep a thing that you use regularly and keep at a particular place at some different location, try to find it the next day.

7.Visit memory test and exercises sites on the web.

8.If you are a religious persons try to memorize some paragraphs/mantras/shlokas/teachings. If you are not then try to memorize your favorite songs!

I hope you understand the importance of keeping the memory part of your brain alive n’ active, and also hope that this blog helps you to achieve that!



Your article must be written in English

October 17, 2011


yes, you are right, I have same feeling.

October 17, 2011


How right you are! However I feel that no matter how many of us realize this it is just delaying the inevitable.....and this is only for the ones that realize this.

So......Thank you for making me realize this and I hope to get a few more years of use out of the old noggin!!!!

October 16, 2011


Your are right!

October 14, 2011


great blog!

October 13, 2011


I totally related to your article! While when I was younger I used to know tons of stuff about things that interested me, memorised quite quickly phone numbers and was one of the fewest in my class that knew 90% of my colleagues birth dates, now I find it hard to remember the main ideas from an essay I read the other day! I feel like my mind and memory is "asleep" and I really need to revive it.

Great tips, btw!

October 13, 2011


I travel for work quite a bit and always make it a point to not look at my room number when I head up at the end of the day. I also like to keep track of book pages rather than use bookmarks :) I too can recall my phone number from when I was eight, yet can't remember my own sister's number since she moved five years ago...

I agree that challenging our memory is a good idea. People used to be able to recite whole works and stories, etc. Stage performers manage to recall an entire play - yet I struggle to remember a single line from a book I just read ! Our capacity to remember is amazing, but must be exercised or lost...

October 13, 2011


yes you have totally reason.
pur brain is the best thing we have and we become more lazy with technologies that improve our life, it's true, but impoverish our mental faculties and slacken our reaction abilities...or not?!

October 13, 2011


You're right, we used to memorize so many things: addresses, telephone numbers, etc., and now we are so technology dependents.

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