Men attractiveness

What is so attractive in men that we prepare to give them everything from us and sometimes even more?

Men usually first see the body then discover the woman’s mind. Sorry I rather say try to discover her mind, every men I know says that he doesn’t understand his female partner.

For us girls it seems to be contrary, first we try to find those special characters that we love in man, discover the mystery of potential partner and then look at the body beauty. Of course it is not so simple, and it is no rule for finding partner that is just typical description of our behavior.

Women as men also first look at men bodies, what to discover when you usually a first don’t know this gay, so male body is important in our choices, not necessarily the main one but still one from the basic.

What we like? Everything, better say everyone, strong beautiful bodies, hairy bodies and even tattoo bodies, like we say ‘every freak gets its amateur’ everyone sooner or later find their other half.

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Photo credits: Chrishowey, Iofoto, Leloft1911, Ljupco, Redbaron, Rui Vale De Sousa, Spirokwok.

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March 18, 2008


Maybe he is from those mysterious ones.

March 18, 2008


The fat man is very special.:)

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