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I would like to know how I can send a message to a contributor that I used the art downloaded. Or, mention artist in credits of publication, like in the credits page of a CD.

There used to be a window on dreamstime that allowed one to say what the art or picture was being used for, etc. I wish to send a note to ALKIR that I am going to use a picture aon a CD cover.

Thanks ECW

Photo credits: Alexey Kuznetsov.

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April 06, 2010


I'm sure Alkir will be really happy to know about his image!

April 06, 2010


Clayton, it´s great what you are planning to do. I think there should be more communication between photographers/designers and buyers! There are a lot of people here who wants to know where their images are used.
Irisangel answer was very helpful, just click the image, then click on "Tools" and "Send a comment".

April 06, 2010


wow, that's amazing, i'm sure he'll be ever so grateful :)

April 05, 2010


As Irisangel mentioned on the first comment! I advise you not to use New line Enter on the comment field! Some times the message go incomplete!
Thanks again for such a notifying for the artist!

April 05, 2010


That could be nice to know where your graphic is going to be used.

April 05, 2010


Thank you for notifying Alkir that you are doing that. I am sure that will mean so much to the artist. :-)

April 05, 2010


I think if you go to that specific file, you will find there a message box in tools. Good luck.

April 05, 2010


click on the image then on the tools tab and you will see a section to send a comment.

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