I am begging you mercy on me, my man. Begging you give a little mercy on both of us. Please do not stick on your own opinion any more, and listen to the others' a little bit.

I am such a stubborn person, so you are. At the first when everyone is blaming on me for your angry action, I felt so unbelievable and not understandable. Why did everyone only blame on me since I believe that you have your own fault as well?

However, time by time, I did realize that how much I did on you, how hurts I did on your heart. I also looked into my own heart to ask myself whether I really wanna save our marriage. The answer is YES. Then I do confess I might need to suffer a quite long unhappy time because I need to change myself. However, you know I can do that, right?

The same as you, when you finally made your own decision to give up this marriage, why come so many different persons to persuade you to change the mind? Because we are the best suitable couple, dear! Nothing or nobody, even including yourself, cannot change this fact. Please give some mercy on yourself as well since this is the best marriage we may have.

Mercy on me, mercy on you, wish God bless you and me to cover this difficulty finally!

© Lhj

Photo credits: Huijie Li.



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