merry christmas

Merry Christmas to you all, that I have endured this year (especially the staff of DT)!

I hope this Christmas is for all of you a moment of joy and happiness but also of inspiration for creating new images!

For me it will be for sure: I have to finish 40 images and prepare a similar amount.

I want to show you my latest illustration approved.

I am particularly pleased with the approval of "The Grim mayor", which further highlights my passion for Gothic themes and for the promotion of" Anubis", which officially opens the way for the series of illustrations that I called" Egyptian Gods".

The force (or perhaps the courage) to "Egyptian Gods" is in the reinterpretation of the Egyptian iconography. Observing similar images in DT I noticed that there was an excessive appeal to Egyptian hieroglyphs or sculptures. I created something alternative, reworking the classicism in a modern features.

hope that some mummy doesn't be angry, leaves the sarcophagus and come and beat me in my sleep :-)

Here in Italy is officially the Christmas Eve for about ten minutes: in a day will be the time of Panettone, Pandoro, nougat and gifts.

About Christmas cake: What are your typical Christmas cake? Come on, let me put my nose in your dishes, do not be bad :-)

See you soon and again Merry Christmas.


P.S: I leave today or tomorrow: if I don't answer to your comments do not get angry :-)

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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I do not know, Noonie, if the mummies should be honored for what I'm doing with their gods, but the important thing is that they like here in DT. I'm trying to be as original as possible in my illustrations, and when they are approved I'm very satisfid with myself and what I'm doing!
Merry Xmas to you and thank you :-)


Very unique! I think the mummy's should be honored to have you doing their illustrations. And Merry Christmas to you, too.


Thank to Yuri e Patl. Merry Christmas also to you and your families!


 Merry Christmas red paper clips 


Merry Christmas and a wish for a special New Year


Thank you all!

Mani33, I don't know if I have a great imagination, but I love realize illustration because it's a way to explain my state of mind! I can't live without this work.

@ David: Also your works are very interesting :-) It's true, "the grim mayor" remind us one one will die, but remind us of death helps us to live better the time we spend on Earth, before going to the other side!

@ Wildmac! A very thank to your wishes! a Great kiss :-)


Fabulous work and so utterly different from mine. I wasn't taken by the grim reaper as it reminds too much of our frailty and mortality. David.


Have a great Christmas and good luck for 2010 :0)


You have a great imagination with your illustrations! Good luck with them & Merry Christmas ;)

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