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Was going through the message boards and loved this thread- - wise answers, warm responses respecting the questioner's thoughts....Experience speaks and it helps to listen! Of course there are umpteen similar threads and

I guess that says a lot about the people here ..... I guess picking from the responses across the message boards, we have enough good material for a monthly DT magazine:)

Photo credits: Majipineapple.

Your article must be written in English

April 26, 2010


That was nice , David!

April 26, 2010


I clicked on the thread and gave the benefit of my experience to the very talented young member. Yes it is surprising how much trouble members go to in order to help others make the right choices. It took at least 15 minutes to read all the advice being given on a career in microstock photography [ or the alternative of going into University education first ]. David.

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