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I like this image for its metaphoric representation of life, and the contrast between what is living and what is dead.

The white flower with its tenacious tendrils is that of a vine growing wild and untended. And the rusting iron rods are part of an abandoned gate to some unused land.

It has been said somewhere that there is a speech without words but heard throughout all the earth.

I think this speech is Nature. It speaks silently, unceasingly and comprehensively too.

And that is reason therefore to believe that nature pictures will always sell, as it always say something and richly too.

The only problem is, it is all too easy to take a nature pic. Or so it seems.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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September 27, 2007


Wonderful picture! And you are right, it is very easy to take a nature picture, a snapshot. It is something else to see an area or a detail in a different way, then manage to capture that tiny moment forever on film that will move others for ages to come. The photo you have posted is definately one of those captures!

September 27, 2007


your beliefs on brought into dreamstime :)

September 26, 2007


Wow, good article!

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