Microstock doesn't work!

I bet a coffee You thought this post is a criticism about microstock and/or dreamstime!

Absolutely not! This is a suggestion to promote Your portfolio.

I discovered some weeks ago the hashtags and I started to use them immediately with some interesting result but I discovered that not all hashtags are useful. for example, MICROSTOCK, DREAMSTIME and PORTFOLIO are useless tags. They are too specific words so they attract few people. I suggest to use them few times.

Interesting thing I noticed is that WOMAN, NAKED, BODY are useful tags: something related to sex? Who knows!

Anyway I understand an important thing in the use of hashtags: it's important forget to be in a specific website.

When You used hashtags on twitter or facebook You have to remember that in these site there are persons who don't know microstock or dreamstime, so for an image, could be better write a comment like "wow, She has a couple of magnificent t**s" instead of "portrait of a beautiful woman etc...."

I hope this guide can helps You. When I have new informations I'll write them here.


Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

Your article must be written in English

June 28, 2013


But often buyers has customers and a customer can say to them "I have this image" ;)

June 27, 2013


Attracting people is not the same thing as attracting buyers.

June 26, 2013


Thanks ;)

June 26, 2013


So true! :)

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