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Child painting and having fun

Artistic pooch

My acquaintance with micro stock stands about three months old with much of it still being uncharted territory. Discovering that my doodling could be needful art for somebody was exciting and micro stock seemed an opportunity and a challenge. I am getting to know that good stock adds value to the ultimate product rather than being the end on its own.So there are considerations and factors to find what sells, what has market and what is needed and digging into all this requires time and consistent effort.I appreciate the way the people here have built up their portfolios and their useful interactions in the community.Though I would like to pay attention to the commercial aspects of selecting subjects, I would certainly want to retain the fun and excitement that marks each spontaneous creative process.As a newbie i have all the DT addiction symptoms-checking my accounts a zillion times a day and counting each view as though it were P-EL sale:)...patience wanes thin at times and seeing single digit download figures is not too much fun, but I think it would be more prudent to rather go on experimenting and learning and have a more eclectic portfolio..

Red Arrow

Happy people

So wishing you all here in DT land all the fun and I do hope that more wonderful times are on their way!

  • Matabraham
My work is more of an evolution, so its fun getting to know what all you can create....I love playing with basic shapes and colors and experimenting with new themes.To see images taking shape is fantastic and satisfying ! And if that is rewarded then what's better!

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! Hope you find what you are looking for, or just have fun browsing!

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